The Loop

Quarantine 8

Welcome to the Tempus, a spacecraft developed under the Emergency Environment Survival Plan as agreed to by all 143 world governments in 2075. We are pleased to welcome you aboard our maiden voyage to New Earth, through 40 trillion miles of hostile space. Though the journey may be perilous, our crew is the best in the business. We've safety checked every last detail and we're sure...nothing could possibly go wrong. 
Join Quarantine Productions for our latest immersive experience: The Loop. Seating is limited and all tickets must be purchased in advance so that we may prepare for your arrival. 

Live April 1st - 23rd at N4th Theater



April 1st                                          7:30PM & 9PM

April 2nd                                         7:30PM & 9PM

April 3rd                                         7PM & 8:30PM

April 7th                                        7PM & 8:30PM

April 10th                                       7PM & 8:30PM

April 15th                                        7:30PM & 9PM

April 16th                                        7:30PM & 9PM

April 17th                                        7PM & 8:30PM

April 21st                                        7PM & 8:30PM

April 22nd                                       7:30PM & 9PM

April 23rd                                       7:30PM & 9PM

This show contains adult themes and depictions of violence and is not recommended for children. This show contains Strobing Lights, Fog, and loud sounds